October 18, 2013

Advanced Rules for Target Archery

Rules make competition easy and fair for every archer. Knowing the rules before going to a tournament will help ensure you can focus on shooting and having a fun time. Because rules may change over time to stay relevant, you should make sure you are up-to-date on the most current regulations. At the time we are writing in 2011, we have tried to include the most recent information and advice for what an archer should know when headed to a tournament.

Different types of archery need different rules. For example, archers may want to use other kinds of equipment for field archery because it has different kinds of terrain. Shooters in 3D Archery aim at three-dimensional targets and must guess their distances. For these reasons, rules for one type of archery may not be helpful for another kind. Here we will focus on the specifics of target archery. If you want to find rules on other types of shooting, most organizations make their rulebooks available online.

Looking for official rules and documents?

• For field archery, visit the National Field Archery Association (NFAA).

• For 3D archery, visit the Archery Shooters Association (ASA).

• For target archery, visit the World Archery Federation (WA) or keep reading here on DiscoverArchery.org.

You may have heard people talking about target archery using the acronym FITA. This stands for the Fédération Internationale de Tir à l’Arc, which changed its name in June of 2011 to become the World Archery Federation or WA. Wherever possible we have made the switch to the new term, but for clarity’s sake we may refer to it again, especially when we talk about publications like rule books. For example, we will refer to the 2010 FITA Rulebook, because at the time we are writing in 2011, the organization has not had a chance to update all of its materials with the new name.

Read the PDF version of the 2010 Official FITA Rulebook:

2010 Official FITA Rulebook – Introduction

Book 1: Constitution, Administration, Championships, and Para-Archery

Book 2: Outdoor Target Archery

Book 3: Indoor Target Archery

Book 4: WA Field Archery

Book 5: Ski Archery and Miscellaneous Archery Rounds


Errata from April 2010

Errata from September 2010

To help make things as easy as possible, these are the questions we will help answer:

How do WA targets work?

How do I score my arrows at target archery tournaments?

How do I get ready for equipment inspection?

What is the dress code for target archery events?

What do judges do to help archers during competition?

When and how should I file a protest, appeal, or complaint?