September 25, 2013

City Recreation Programs

Municipal recreation agencies are great places to enjoy “next-step” archery programs.

The After School Archery Program (ASAP) is designed as a next step program from schools, recreation agencies or camps that offer an introductory program with limited equipment or scoring. ASAP is a joint program of USA Archery and the National Field Archery Association. The country’s largest archery organizations have banded together to form these elements of ASAP in order to give the new archer the broadest possible experience.

ASAP is ideal for city recreation programs looking to fit an archery class into their schedule of sports and activities. With a flexible class curriculum, ASAP introduces different equipment, targets, and scoring rules to familiarize young archers with different styles of archery. This allows the archer to sample JOAD , Field, and 3D elements before they commit to forming a full club.

The program helps new archers develop their skills in a longer course setting than those offered at some school or camp programs. Other club formats could be used with success, if the archers or coach know they want to head in that direction.

ASAP programs can be conducted indoors in a gymnasium or outdoors in half a soccer field. Archers use lightweight bows at short shooting distances where gender or age has little advantage. The program begins with a neutral style of archery that best teaches the basics of a solid shooting form for recurve or compound bows. Although archers will have the opportunity to try JOAD and 3D style targets, the special ASAP scoring target features a yellow bull’s eye with rings of orange, red, green, and blue to ensure ease of scoring.

Some advantages for a city considering an After School Archery Program:

• ASAP can fit into other sport and activity schedules

• Class options include 5, 8, or 16 week formats

• Each class lasts about 60-90 minutes

• Can be conducted indoors in a gymnasium or outdoors in half a soccer field

• Mobile equipment saves municipal money and storage resources

• Local instructors can sign on as independent contractors

The sport is gender neutral, available to a wide range of physical abilities

• Archers can try the 3 major styles of archery before committing to forming a club

To find programs in your state, learn how to start your own After School Archery Program, or to download instructor and student handbooks, visit